Maggie Webster
Maggie’s passion for sharing and educating people about wellness and the environment started six years ago when she and her loving husband Eric, had troubles conceiving. Thankfully after several months they were able to conceive naturally and now have a wonderful six- year old son. The events of having trouble conceiving changed the way Maggie and her husband view health and wellness as well as environmental attributes. At the age of 5, their son Jaden was diagnosed with ADHD and that was also a challenge that they chose to overcome with natural remedies and life coaching verses utilizing medicine. Maggie's family is pleased that they have finally found a US manufactured brand that's affordable, healthy and safe. So much that they exclusively use it in their home and are proud of how much it has helped them and others. 

Maggie hopes her journey can be a tool and platform to help others. Here are some things you can expect from this website: 
• Sharing personal experiences and challenges as well as challenges of         others. 

• Facts about food, chemicals, environmental challenges, and asthma. 
• Facts about products and examples of how they can be harmful to our health and our environment

Maggie looks forward to hearing your feedback on the articles she shares and would love to hear what topics you would like to learn about. 

Empower yourself with knowledge - share and repeat!

Let’s live a healthy life and share the journey together! 

Maggie, Eric and Jaden reside in sunny Arizona. Please email your questions to Maggie at 


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